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My Curly Hair Product Recommendations


Hello everybody ! First off I want to thank everyone who is following my blog ! Thank you so much !!! ^_^ I wanted to show you my appreciation by telling you my curly hair product recommendations before I post the actual video about it on my Youtube Channel Foreveryours0727. (The video is posted here now :) Just uploaded it !) Only my blog/FB/TW followers will be able to read this and know that it's been posted :) All others will have to wait till the video comes out ! So here are all the products I use for my curly hair. I will show pictures, where to get them, prices, and why I use them. I hope this helps all you girls with naturally curly hair like me ! These products have saved my hair ! Keep reading to find out what I use !

The products I am about to show you are all completely different. First off, I always use a leave in conditioner in my hair after every time I get out of the shower. I also show you a leave in conditioner for second day hair that isnt as conditioning but still brings back the moisture. After using a leave in conditioner I decide how I want my curls to look for the next few days before I wash my hair again. These are the options.. you can use any of these: mousse, gel, cream, or serum. All of these types of curly hair products will give you different effects. Here is the run down...

1. Gel : Restructures the curls. Use less to prevent the crunchy/ wet look. Strongest hold.

2. Mousse: Keeps curls looking soft. Light-medium hold. May need to reapply the next day.

3. Serum: Makes your curls silky and shiny. Tames frizz. Light hold.

4.Cream: Works like a gel and a serum combined. This is my favorite. Makes the curls soft and frizz-free but also holds them in place for days.

Here are some of the products I show in the video :) Enjoy !

1. Garnier Fructis Smoothing Milk

found at any drugstore. $3.34 @ target

This works as my leave in conditioner. I apply it immediately all over my hair after showering. It keeps my hair frizz-free and conditioned. I would honestly recommend this to any hair type. Works wonders...

2. Chi Silk Infusion

found at any drugstore. $23.77 @ walmart for big 6.0 fl oz bottle

I use this in my hair after the leave in conditioner. I use it after I shower EVERY SINGLE TIME no matter what, no matter how I style my hair. This product is an absolute MUST and anyone who hasnt tried it yet is crazy ! :) If you try this, you will not regret it. I can tell when I dont use it and when I do. It makes my hair extra silky and shiny. If you are wondering why my hair looks so nice in my videos, it is all thanks to this product. It also works as a heat protectant but like I stated earlier, I use it in my hair regardless of what I do to it.

3. Curl Goddess Silkening Serum by Mark

http://kayleighprince.mymarkstore.com/ $6.00

I use this when I want my curls to look super soft and silky. You can't "scrunch" this in. It doesnt work to reconstruct your curls so don't expect it to make your curls curlier. This product is used to enhance your natural curls by making them look frizz-free and soft/shiny.

4. Carols Daughter Original Hair Milk

http://carolsdaughter.com/ $9.00

This is a new product I have been using for the past month and I am SO impressed with it. This is a cream texture so it works like a gel and a serum combined. Not only does it make my hair soft and frizz-free like a mousse does but it also reconstructs my curls like gel would. It gives my curls bounce again :) I love this because my curls have become a lot more wavy lately since I'm growing it out so long. Growing your hair out weighs down the hair, making the curls wavier. This is perfect to make your curls really curly again :)

5. Biologe Smoothing Shine Milk

Around $14.00 at salons. Can find on ebay/amazon as well.

This is the product I use on my hair on the second day. I spray it into my ends and scrunch it in. I makes my curls alive again after sleeping on them and crimping them up. I usually follow this with some type of gel. This light-weight mist spray reduces frizz and adds a glossy shine.

6. Carols Daughter Healthy Butter

http://www.carolsdaughter.com $10.00

This is the perfect conditioning cream for your ends. I recommend to NOT put it all throughout your hair. You have to use literally a pea sized amount and just apply it to the ends for extra texture and moisture. I normally use this on the second day if I dont use the biologe spray. This makes my ends feel less brittle and like I dont need a trim! :)

6. Marc Anthony Curl Defining Lotion

Found at any drugstores. $7.99 at CVS

I really do wonder why this is called lotion because the product is a gel consistancy and it's even clear ! This is my favorite gel product at the moment. It controls frizz and defines the curls without giving that ugly scrunchy look. I would say it is a medium hold and it also has Vitamin E in it ! :)


7. So Sexy Wave Enhancing Spray by Victoria Secret

Found at www.victoriassecret.com for $10 special is 3/$24

I use this wave enhancing spray when I want to have those natural looking beachy waves. It's a lightweight formula that puts frizz on hold for that soft, tossled, sexy style.


Well girls thats all I can tell you for now :) Thank you so much for reading !



posted by

I'm gonna have to try the Garnier Fructis Smoothing Milk :) I have wavy hair so some of these things are helpful, thanks Kayleigh!

posted by

Where was this blog post when I had curly hair?! lol

posted by

This is great :] I have curly hair with a wave to it. It's mildly bipolar, lol. I have tried most, but NEVER a serum. I'm off to get one, gotta get dog food at WalMart anyway!

I also follow you on youtube, and read your blog. I posted my first youtube video, if you could give me feedback that'd be great. http://www.youtube.com/user/maryem802

I also have a blog http://xmissxmaryxemm.blogspot.com/ i'm doing a captain america series now :]

Love your posts! xoxo Mary

posted by Anonymous

where can i buy these products?

posted by Anonymous

how much was each protucts? an where do i get them??

posted by Alionna

Thanks for your recommendations. I already use Marc Anthony Curl Defining Lotion and it's great for my hair.

posted by Anonymous

As a girl with SUPER curly frizzy hair, I'm going to chip in with my fav product which is a leave in argan oil called Pro Naturals. It's AMAZING and eventhough it's expensive and you can only get it online I still recommend it a lot! On another note, doesnt Garnier have silicones in it which are bad for hair? Or have they changed their formula yet?

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