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DIY Necklace Headbands


Welcome back to my blog ! Im so excited to share with you how to make DIY Necklace Headbands ! You can do so many different looks wearing these (hair up, hair down, ponytail, etc.) They are especially perfect to wear if you want a trendy back to school look. I already uploaded the video tutorial on my Youtube Beauty Channel. Check it out below ! Otherwise, keep on reading for a simple step by step picture instructional ! Hope you guys like this and try it out- I would absolutely love to see what your Necklace Headbands look like :)


what you need


 Alright so for this DIY tutorial you will need some necklaces (or belts !). You can use ones that you rarely wear anymore, ones that are broken, vintage, etc. You will also need thread, a needle, scissors, a ruler, stretch head bands, clear nailpolish, and pliers ! I bought most of these supplies from Walmart :)

Use pliers to detach any jumprings, hooks, findings, etc. from the back of the necklace. 

Measure about 6-8" in length of the stretch headband and cut. This will become the new backing to the necklace.

Apply clear nail polish to the ends of the hair band (on both sides!) to prevent fraying.

With a needle and thread (that matches your headband) sew back and forth through the headband and metal loop (or through the necklace itself) to secure in place. I prefer to sew the headband in because it holds better but you could always use super glue !

Here is the finished Necklace Headband. I also made a few more which are pictured below ! They really are super easy to make. Just have fun with it ! :) I'd love to see your Necklace Headbands- send me pictures on my Facebook or Twitter !

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DIY Chain Headbands


I uploaded this video tutorial on my Beauty Channel a few weeks ago but I never made a post about it here on my blog for all of you ! This is a super easy DIY that looks great on any hair type. All you need is a few cheap supplies ! Keep reading for my step by step picture instructions or... just watch my quick video tutorial below :)

what you need

You will need a flexible stretch comb hairband. Mine are from the brand Scunci and you can purchase them at Walmart. I also have ones in fun colors (pictured) that are from a local beauty supply store. You will also need chains (in various colors if you prefer a multi-dimensional look), scissors, pliers, jump rings, and a ruler- all of which can be purchased at Michaels or some other of craft store !

Measure each chain to your prefered length (depening on how long your hair is!). You could also do a pyramid effect with the shortest chains in the front to frame your face and the longest in the back. I made all mine one length. For this hairband (pictured) I made six 10" silver chains and ten 4" darker silver chains. 

Attach the chains to the headband using pliers and jump rings. You can attach them symmetrically to the headband or randomly depending on the look you're going for. 

This is how the headbands look when finished ! I would store them seperately so they don't tangle together :)

To put in, just slide the headband onto the crown section of your hair and push the teeth in to secure ! That's it. Thank you so much for reading :)

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DIY Sea Salt Spray


Let's Get Started !

Stir in a table spoon each of hair gel, grinded sea salt, and coconut oil into 1 and 1/2 cup of warm water. Sea salt is the main ingredient for the beachy waves, the hair gel holds the waves/curls in place, the coconut oil makes the hair soft, and the warm water helps to mix all the ingredients together.

Pour the mixture into a spray bottle. I bought this one for a $1 at Target. 

Spray and scrunch into wet or dry hair. Then, let hair naturally dry and that's it ! It's that simple :)

For the video, watch here ! 

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Taylor Swift Hair Tutorial


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